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Be part of the digital transformation and create Industry 4.0 with augmented reality!

What if, instead of going through pages or scrolling through an online manual, you could simply see your way through a task? Augmented reality provides the missing link between data somewhere in your company and where it can make the biggest impact. Optimize processes, access data & information right where you need them with Industrial AR. Connect data and applications to your exact position in your physical environment to gain efficiency, reduce downtimes, improve safety, ensure compliance and save costs. Industrial AR requires no additional hardware infrastructure and delivers instant benefits!

How does it work?


Scan your location by using for example a Matterport, Navvis or Leica 3D camera or hire a professional service partner near you.

1. Scan your venue

Use our admin interface to create POIs with description and content within your Digital Twin.


Use our positional OCR feature to add POIs by scanning labels in the physical venue.

2. Create Points-of-Interest

Unleash the full potential of augmented reality features like:

- Indoor navigation

- IoT data visualization

- Step-by-step instructions

3. Unleash AR Features

If you need more information about Industrial AR, want to schedule a demo call or need help to identify the most valuable AR use case for you contact us. Our ViewAR experts are happy to help you.

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What Industrial AR delivers


Display content based on the position related to what task should be executed.

Such data can be labels, descriptions, videos, photos and text. Information is directly accessible at the place where it can deliver the most added value to improve processes and save costs.

Location based
data access

Show Step-by-Step instructions according to the location based task. Using augmented reality, you can make sure the right information is provided to perform the task the best, safest and most efficient way.


Location based, information, video, documents and instructions can be a big help on the workfloor. Better Learning, Onboarding and improvement of potential worker-skill-gaps can create additional value, less time-spend and cost reduction.

Learning &

Industrial AR offers the capability to display complete interactive augmented reality scenes. For example by object recognition and overlaying the AR-Animation / model on the existing object like a machine, pump or tool.

Interactive scenes

Provide One-to-one calls with synchronized touch transmission, screen sharing, screen annotations, bidirectional transfer of audio/video and predefined animations in AR.

Direct screen sharing improves understanding, prevents communication mistakes and enables fast and accurate help!

Remote assistance

Connect available IoT data to the industrial environment and display them based on your position. Industrial AR enables you to show real-time data by pointing the device at an object or anything else in the environment.

IoT data

Ready to optimize your processes


Industrial AR provides a complete 3D understanding of a manufacturing facility. By having this spatial understanding you are able to offer data or interfaces on places where they can help speed up and optimize processes. Also for maintenance tasks you can combine navigation and step-by-step instructions to boost efficiency and prevent downtime.


Industrial AR in the oil & gas industry enables companies to bridge the gap between virtual information and physical tasks. Connecting the data and applications to the real environment such as a drilling platform, refining plant, Industrial AR can provide wayfinding and maintenance task-lists on location. Such a predictive maintenance solution offers great potential to increase efficiencies, generate economies of scale and reduce maintenance cost.

Oil & Gas

Industrial AR improves facility and property management processes by providing location based access to data and applications. Connect firstline-workers and maintenance personnel with expertise by using augmented work instructions, digital training guides and remote collaboration tools. Industrial AR helps reduce time spend on maintenance tasks and provides direct insights on progress and compliance. All positively empowering your workforce.

Facility & property management

All logistical processes require information based on data and applications running in the company. With Industrial AR these processes and data can be connected to people working in the warehouse. Helping them to find locations and items, making sure they are packed the right way with step-by-step instructions and dropped of at the right dock for shipping. Optimized processes guided by Industrial AR.

Warehousing & logistics

Powerful AR features.
New opportunities for your industry


Using the latest visual positioning technology, Industrial AR provides precise and robust navigation without extra hardware installations on-site.

Hardware free

Our integrated high-performance recognition system and a range of support in digital twin creation platforms makes it possible to support any venue size

Any venue size

Our system offers text and voice translations for all available languages. It uses by default the language setting of the mobile device.


Choose your guide from a list of predefined characters or use your own custom character. A simple „guide-free“ navigation with arrows is also available.

Optional 3D guide

Provide One-to-one calls with synchronized touch transmission, screen annotations, bidirectional transfer of audio/video and predefined animations in AR.

Remote assistance

Lets our integrated AI chatbot answer questions that arise during your clients experience. Our system supports both voice and text in- and output.

AI chatbot

You can setup the waypoints and POIs on-site with your mobile device or through the admin interface on your computer.

Easy location setup

Due to our latest re-localization technology, Industrial AR lets you start the navigation from any position in the location.

Instant positioning

Use our comfortable JavaScript-API to easily connect your existing applications or database to our system.

API Integration

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